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Climate Justice Now

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Minority-owned hemp-based company invested in agriculture and sustainability

Chyncia Rodgers and her husband Micholas Rodgers started a hemp business called HIE, which stands for Hemp In Everything.   By Shayler Richmond   “This is a life-changing holistic way of treating yourself to something…
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Bold Culture is showing modern professionals how to better utilize and support diversity

Ahmed Barber and Darren Martin Jr. founded Bold Culture, a communication firm that focuses on providing diversity and representation within advertising spaces and throughout the workforce.   By Antonio Cooper   Bold Culture is a…
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Peace4Poverty is working to heal poverty from within

Peace4Poverty is a nonprofit Black-owned company based in North Carolina working to educate and uplift underserved communities through career training in various business avenues to stimulate successful entrepreneurship.   By Shayler Richmond   Joshua Proby…

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