Derek Dandridge

Video Engineer

Derek is a person we trust behind the camera and editing any video or audio content. He fits right at home within TRF because he’s passionate about people and using his work to create top tier content that tells the truth. With Derek at the helm of our content will always be an authentic representation of the stories we are telling.

Derek is a tastemaker with a natural eye for detail. He has developed a distinct style through his photography and cinematography company, Shot by Specs, so often he has come to be known creatively as “Specs”. Click the link below for his full story and learn why he started going by Specs.

His cinematography journey started while Eastern Michigan University from which he graduated with a degree in Electrical Media and Film Studies. He is currently a freelance photographer/cinematographer in Detroit, MI.

Culture as a whole is better off because Derek decided to pick up a camera. No one else uses a lens to tell our stories as intimately and raw as Derek Dandridge. He understands our struggle, he sees our potential, and he puts it all in the work. There isn’t a segment of documenting and amplifying our narrative that Derek hasn’t already touched, but he is only just getting started.

Twitter: @ShotBySpecs

Instagram: @ShotBySpecs

Derek Dandridge LinkedIn