Kierra Dixson

Principal Publicist


Detroit native, Kierra Dixson is the woman behind our diverse story placement. She coordinates many of our interviews with different community partners across the globe. We tell diverse stories because she and her team enhance our diversity through communications.

She accomplishes this through a respectful, constructive and energetic style, guided by The Rich Family mission. Kierra finds passion and alignment in the TRF mission to create space for honest connections and storytelling.

Kierra holds a BA in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Wayne State University and currently pursing her Masters. In addition, Kierra is building her beauty brand, Ritz & Glitz Beauty.

With almost 5 years of experience in the industry Kierra says, “there is nothing better than knowing you are impacting someone and helping them create a better life.”

Instagram: @KierraDixsonPR

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