La’Shardae Scott

Health Director – Rich Reaches Out

Author, wife and mother driven by her passion for healing the world one crisis at a time. In addition to serving as a Health Director on Rich Reaches Out’s Board of Directors, she serves on health disparity boards across Ohio and as Project Director and Newborn Screening Coordinator for Neighborhood Health Association Sickle Cell Project of Northwest Ohio. Her passion for creating a healthier, safer, more educated world for her children drives her leadership and helps to mold the intentional solution-oriented work of Rich Reaches Out.

La’Shardae is a champion of health inequities in our most vulnerable communities. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University in Social Work and Communications. La’Shardae is currently enrolled in Eastern Michigan University’s MSW program with focuses on Mental Health and Chemical Dependency, Non-Profit Management, and Grant Writing.

La’Shardae is a mother of three amazing boys; a bonus mom to her stepson and raising her sister-in-law. Being a mother of two children living with sickle disease, La’Shardae is a passionate advocate for those affected with sickle cell disease. La’Shardae previously worked as a Parent/Patient – Certified Community Health Worker for the SCDAA Michigan Chapter in Detroit, Michigan under Dr. Wanda Whitten-Shurney. During her work experience with Dr. Shurney, she authored a children’s book entitled “What Dr. Shurney Taught Me”, written through the eyes of her three-year-old son to help educate and encourage children, siblings, and their caregivers.

La’Shardae is currently working with Ohio Department of Health and the Center of Disease Control and Prevention on an Oral Health and Management Manual for sickle cell patients. Providing hemoglobinopathy counseling, education outreach services, and school interventions for 11 counties of Northwest Ohio.

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