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Native artist, Gregg Deal, uses art to fight for humanity

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For eras, art has been a catalyst for storytelling, a space for ideas to gain momentum, and a medium, which continues to set the stage; Indigenous American artist, Gregg Deal, is authentically incorporating art and activism to provoke thought and challenge people to think outside the lines.


By Shayler Richmond


According to reports, over 5 million Indigenous peoples live in the United States, making up 2 percent of the U.S. population. The terms Indigenous and Native are used to identify aboriginal American people; the use of the term "Indian" to identify Indigenous peoples is incorrect and offensive, as offensive as claiming Columbus discovered America. All American soil was once Indigenous land, which we are now stewards over, so inclusion and representation of Indigenous peoples are imperative.

Enrichment needs perspective.

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A cultural strategist dedicated to true and authentic storytelling; he explores personal and interpersonal connections — focused on marginalized identities to advance social and economic equity and build strong communities.
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