Child Welfare

Rich Reaches Out confronts racism as a public health crisis through policy reform, direct action, education, and advocacy, prioritizing systemic health inequities, child welfare, prostate cancer, uterine health, and sickle cell disease.

Children are the soul of humanity. Rich Reaches Out implements resources and strategies to protect and serve the best interests of all children. For too long, the responsibility of raising children has been left in the hands of unequipped parents and guardians when it truly takes a village of resources, responsibility, and accountability to create the most equitable future for all children. Rich Reaches Out is committed to setting the standard, leading by example, and being the change our youth need to see in the world.

Historically marginalized communities are underserved and under-protected, leaving youth within historically marginalized communities to be the most vulnerable people in this world, followed by Black women, then Black men. The efforts of Rich Reaches Out are dedicated to standing in the gap, supporting the most vulnerable, and creating a world that protects and serves all people effectively and efficiently.

Rich Reaches Out utilizes a targeted solution model of call-outs and call-ins because, in addition to external harms targeting Black people, generations of oppression, colonialism, and white socialism have conditioned Black people and other people of color to prioritize survival over their health, thereby enabling and contributing to the perpetuation of harm. Therefore, to move our world toward equity, RRO focuses on deconstructing harmful and abusive systems that do not center holistic human interests or support the well-being of all people while building equitable systems that actively and holistically support all people and directly heal people, socioeconomically and physically–mind, body, and soul.