Enrichment Needs Perspective.




About The Rich Family

Rich culture starts with being informed. The Rich Family (TRF) is a collective where being informed meets intentional care, and we actively create space for honest connections and storytelling. Our work is focused on educating, enriching, and entertaining while intentionally creating space for equity and leading our audience toward solutions. The Rich Family brands work as a system to fill voids and combat systemic inequities.

Rich Mag Digital (RMD) is an online article gallery delivering equitable news. RMD produces timeless, diverse stories through an explorative lens. #RichTalk is an audio and video podcast platform complementary to Rich Mag Digital’s articles, graphics, and photographs. RMD and #RichTalk work as one media company to share, exchange, and amplify critical knowledge.

Rich Reaches Out is a nonprofit legal organization bridging social justice and public health. Through direct action and advocacy, Rich Reaches Out enriches lives by healing people, implementing sustainable solutions, and eradicating systemic health inequities.

Rich Publishing Studio is a full-service publishing company that moves authors through every phase of the publishing process by providing production, printing, selling, and marketing services while building lasting community.

“We are owning our narrative and building richness through healing ourselves and one another; richness built on wellness, strong community, and genuine joy that overflows; therefore, to be rich is always within our power.”

Rich Mag Digital, #RichTalk, Rich Reaches Out, and Rich Publishing Studio work together to inform, support, and advocate on behalf of our growing #RichFam.

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