Dear Love,

By Shayler Richmond

Oh how I love you Love.

This letter is overdue.

And it’s just between you and I.

That’s the thing.

I’ll give you, as much as I decide to.

I worked so hard to find you.

And no one else can write this letter.

It wouldn’t be the same.

Because their love isn’t the same.

They think they can use and abuse,

And still get the same you from me.

No, I’ll keep you to myself.

You’re safe with me.

You’ll grow with me.

I’ll plant you in places

Where I know you’ll flourish.

They can’t take you from me.

I’ll give you, as much as I decide to.

They think I replace you with your cousin.


Of course we’ve had relations but I never consummate.

And thank you for respecting my honesty.

I know you do. And they don’t get that.

They believe you can’t see through all facades

And think you exist absent work and truth

Acting as if because I know you

They can take advantage

But in fact you give me advantage

They don’t get us.

Because it’s just between you and I.

I’m not the Son or the Father.

They just lent me their light

So they want to learn our ways.

I tell them and show them

But they are too stuck in their own.

They can’t reach you

And think calling me will make you pick up

They focus on everything

Besides finding you for themselves.

And because I show them you,

They think I owe them you.

You can’t be bartered.

You can’t be demanded.

You can’t be forced.

You can’t be extracted.

You’re the only natural resource we have left.

You don’t mix with toxins.

You’re immune to infection.

You’re covered in sacred protection.

You’re peace. Irrefutable peace.

And they’re chaos can’t touch you.

Thank you for choosing me.

I owe you everything.

I’ll always carry you with me,

And set you free along the way.

Love, please allow more to know you.

The world will die sooner without you.

They’re empty without you.

They’re cold without you.

They’re endlessly searching without you.

Thank you for finding me.

Thank you for keeping me.

Thank you for seeing me.

Love, please see them.

So they can see themselves.

This is my letter to you.

This is just between you and I.

So thank you for being mine.

But you’re theirs too.

And I hope their letter comes soon.

Oh Love, how I love you.