Magic exists beyond Hogwarts

Updated: Feb 17

By Shayler Richmond

Our greatest magic comes from pain, so be patient and tough through adversity because one day your pain will be useful to you.

A rendition of words from two brilliant authors; J.K Rowling, a British novelist and Ovid, a Roman poet. But greater than their words is their messages and the feelings they can evoke.

We shouldn't have to hurt to reach our highest potential, but life's pressures have a way of squeezing humanity into its purest form; the place where magic exists. The holy spirit is alive and it manifests daily in pockets of joy and confidence we experience; it allows us to tap into our magic.

Some high strung saints shy away from the term magic, but any joy we experience stems from God; the central source, so our belief in magic doesn't negate our belief in Jesus, but affirms it. Therefore, I use this term liberally in tandem with every other phrase that affirms all that is good and special inside of us: #BlackGirlMagic, #BlackBoyJoy, and everything in between.

J.K. Rowling wrote a story, developed characters and created a world where we could believe in magic before some of us were of age to realize that We Are Magic. She brought us along on Harry, Ron and Hermione’s journey; we were their fourth friend to make their trio a quartet. (I still am.)

We love Harry Potter because Rowling took us to a new world. She created a home away from home for us. In the wizarding world we can be anything and do anything; in reality we don’t have wands but we do each have our own power that separates us from one another.

We are special. As long as we remember we are a vessel we are allotted grace to know ourselves deeply and get in tune with our magic. The more we believe in ourselves the more special we become.

Growing up I traded reality for the wizarding world and left the muggles behind at night when I was on punishment stuck in my bedroom in the dark reading Harry Potter by phone light, or on a road trip, or all through elementary school when we were required to log reading hours, and there were and will be many more times and more places I read.

Rowling showed us family, nobility and undying friendship. Before the movies, we didn’t need a television, all we needed was the dope cover art, J.K. Rowling’s words and our imagination.

As we grow and adult we get inundated with life and sometimes it takes so much for us to notice and appreciate the simple joys and triumphs of life. One easy way to soften your heart is to believe in magic.