Rich Week 26 - 7 on 7 - 2020

By Shayler Richmond & Christopher Williams

Through this 7on7 playlist Chris tackles the very real experiences of Blackness, protest, compassion and becoming free. Dialogue is a key component of finding ourselves and moving us forward. The first two songs are in response to one another. J.Cole addresses Noname then Noname responds.

We all feel these very real issues differently. J. Cole acknowledges falling short of his responsibility to help his community, while asking to be taught instead of judged. In this moment he is all of us.

People need to be treated with love and patience. A lot of people feel like they aren’t doing enough because they don’t know how. Everyone won’t agree, but it’s important to have the conversation, regardless of if we are in disagreement because it creates space for growth and understanding.

In creating community we are still willing to call oppressors out on their shit.

We are talented, beautiful, chosen people. We are stars living out our dreams, moving through darkness creating light as we go. To be in this moment as your true self and acknowledge the truth of the people around you is true freedom.

(tap photo)

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