The hate you give

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

By Shayler Richmond

Hate stems from fear or pain; we must turn our pain into purpose; much of life will tear you down, but to love God is to be restored and give life purpose. 

Accepting hate, settling for less or giving up on yourself corrodes your existence; a toxin which leaks into every part of your being. Be accountable for your life and your energy.

Decide to make living your most authentic life your responsibility, or you'll spend your existence projecting fear and regret to counteract your lack of self-accountability.

You're an entrepreneur; it's your business to live out your greatest existence. 

"Only as we are in communion with ourselves can we find community with others," wrote Bell Hooks ("All About Love," 2000).

Purpose can come through people, but your purpose isn't attached to anyone else so no one else is to blame for how you respond to your pain. The hate you give is on you.

Accepting hate is allowing for satan, evil, or darkness to win; God is love, choosing love is choosing light.

Love is not the easy choice. Hate comes from every direction and leaks into every form of relationship: parents, significant others, partners, friends, mass media. Hate is ingrained in our toxic patterns and traditions.

"Peace is not found in the absence of challenge but in our own capacity to be with hardship without judgment, prejudice and resistance," wrote Bell Hooks ("All About Love," 2000).

Make the decision to choose love consistently and deliberately to tip the scales in favor of good; move toward perfect love.

Live in your purpose. Love resiliently. Love persistently. 

Your spirit is stronger than any human obstacle, so turn your pain into purpose.