Social justice nonprofit working to enrich the lives of underserved youth, as well as heal the health inequities in minority communities; we focus on child abuse and neglect, as well as combatting prostate cancer, uterine health and sickle cell disease.

Minority communities are underserved and underprotected, leaving minority youth the most vulnerable people in this world. The efforts of Rich Reaches Out are dedicated to standing in the gap, supporting the most vulnerable and creating a world that protects and serves all people effectively and efficiently. 

Our Priorities


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To request the efforts of Rich Reaches Out be directed toward a specific cause, or for any other questions or concerns please email:

Public Health Director

La'shardae Scott

Author, wife and mother driven by her passion for healing the world one crisis at a time. She serves on health disparity boards across Ohio and as Project Director and Newborn Screening Coordinator for Neighborhood Health Association Sickle Cell Project of Northwest Ohio. Her passion for creating a healthier, safer, more educated world for her children drives her leadership and helps to mold the intentional solution-oriented work of Rich Reaches Out.


Action Strategist 



Community Relations

Chelsea Dixon

Chelsea Dixon is a healthcare specialist that truly cares, she brings heart to her work and our family is stronger because of her passion for people. She’d carry the weight of the world if she could, but instead she has her heart set on healing our healthcare system by working within. 


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