Rich Reaches Out is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using our resources to Advocate, take Action and spread Awareness to serve the causes outlined and aligned through our mission.

Women are the life source of humanity, but endure the most oppression, bias and health hardships through chronic period pains, irregular menstrual cycles, uterine disease, uterine fibroids, abnormal or heavy vaginal bleeding, infertility, loss of pregnancy, pregnancy complications, and the policing of women’s bodies by non-women identities.

The risk of death and complications from these conditions are increased in minority communities due to healthy system disparities, so the efforts of Rich Reaches Out are dedicated to standing in the gap, supporting the most vulnerable and creating a world that protects and serves all people effectively and efficiently.

Rich Reaches Out is woman-centered, we stand with and support all women, especially Black women, and other minority women. Our goal is to create space for the women leaders and other women who want to lead. We trust women to show us a more equitble world.

Rich Reaches Out prioritizes the health of minority people because through generations of oppression minorities have been conditioned to prioritize survival over their health, so we are focused on healing the mind, body, and soul, while deconstructing systems that do not support the well-being of all people and building systems that do.