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The birth of the Rich Family

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Dear Rich Fam,

The Rich Family is a collective where being informed meets intentional care and we actively create space for honest connections and storytelling.


We define intentional care as anti-privilege, anti-ignorance, never stating a problem without being willing to work toward a solution. This is who The Rich Family is, the narrative we’re telling, and the world we’re building.

For too long, to survive being Black, we have had to become who we are before we are even ready to be who we are. Our adolescence is spent learning how to exist in a world not built for us instead of spending our lives living out loud in spaces that support our truest, freest, most loving self. Equity doesn’t simply require laws to change it also requires our culture and society to evolve.

We have to make ourselves believe we are “worth it” because we are. We all have the desire to know our worth and build more; The Rich Family is ours, it’s all of us. We need to hear more of our perspectives because this is our story, we are the authors, the builders, and the wealth holders.

 “We are owning our narrative and  building richness through healing ourselves and one another; richness built on wellness, strong community and genuine joy that overflows; therefore to be Rich is always within our power.” - The Rich Family

Rich Mag Digital and #RichTalk are where we keep the conversations going.

Rich-Merch is how we utilize clothing to foster connections, build community and empower enriched lifestyles.

We define enriched lifestyles as any healthy, loving, supportive way in which a person or group lives; TRF supports and empowers all people living with these values because we understand this energy is a personal investment in building an equitable future for us all.

Rich Reaches Out is the action arm of our family that allows us to actively mold and correct the infrastructure to better support all of the most vulnerable people being impacted.

Rich Mag, #RichTalk, Rich-Merch, and Rich Reaches Out, work together to inform, support, and advocate on behalf of our growing #RichFam.

Enrichment needs perspective.

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