The Rich Family 

The Rich Family is a collective where being informed meets intentional care and we actively create space for honest connections and storytelling. 


We have to make ourselves believe we are “worth it” because we are. We all have the desire to know our worth and build more; The Rich Family is ours, it’s all of us.

“We are owning our narrative and  building richness through healing ourselves and one another; richness built on wellness, strong community and genuine joy that overflows; therefore

to be Rich is always within our power.

Rich Mag, #RichTalk, Rich-Merch and Rich Reaches Out work together to inform, support and advocate on behalf of our growing #RichFam .

Shayler Richmond

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Kierra Dixson

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Christopher Williams

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Stephen Elugbemi

Enrichment Agenet



Stay Rich! 

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